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Rayotec carry a range of electric underfloor heating products to suit virtually any kind of flooring including Tiles, Wood, Laminate, Carpet and Vinyl. Rayotec have been designing and supplying electric underfloor heating systems for large projects for over 10 years working with many large architects practices, main contractors and electrical or M&E contractors. The company provides a full CAD design service and can help match the output of the mats to the heat-loss of the building. Rayotec's underfloor heating range include:

Underfloor heating mat kit for under tiles:

Double conductor cable heating mat made up of a shielded twin core cable that is fixed onto a unique fibre web mesh.

The advantages of this system include:

• Available in 150W/m2 & 200W/m2
• No sticky primer required for tiled floors - The WEB-TECH Adhesive Technology of the mesh means that in most cases a primer will not be required under tiled floor. The heating mesh simply holds itself to the insulation with a small amount of duck tape.*
• Ultra thin -4mm thickness
• Primary Heating -The system has an output of approximately 150W/m2
• Fixed Spacing- The cables are fixed onto the mesh at fixed spacings
• Minimal wiring - Mat sizes up to 14m2 available

* Primer may be required if floor is not completely clean and free of loose debris.

Underfloor heating mat kit for under wooden floors, laminate and carpet:

Rayoflex foil cable heating mat can be used directly under hessian backed carpet, laminate, engineered and most real wooden flooring. The mat is less than 2mm thick and comes as a roll with a sticky underside. Available in a variety of mat sizes ranging up to 10m2 which means that little wiring is involved and that it is one of the thinnest, easiest and fastest underfloor heating systems to install.

The advantages of this system include:

• No self-levelling adhesive required
• Ultra thin - 2mm thickness
• Primary Heating - The system has an output of approximately 150W/m2
• Minimal wiring - Mat sizes up to 10m2 available
• Fast response time - The mat has 100% heat diffusion coverage due to its foil layer which maximises the output of the system reducing response time
• Even heat distribution - The reinforced foil ensures even heat distribution
• Earthed - The system is earthed for added safety

Loose cable floor heating kit for tiled areas:

Electric heating cable for under tiles.

The advantages of this system include:

• Easy to install in difficult areas
• Double core
• Ultra thin


Other guarantees16 year Manufacturers Warranty


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