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The choice is yours. Each of ThyssenKrupp's passenger elevators is always tailored to its respective application. ThyssenKrupp systems feature a long service life, individual design and extremely high efficiency. Because intelligent energy recovery technology pays off in the long run.

synergy® element
Based on quality German engineering and craftmanship, with functional optimised design, ThyssenKrupp bring you synergy® element. A Machine Room Less (MRL) passenger elevator that offers you future-orientated technical innovations, compact dimensions providing a cost effective solution for your project.

synergy® S1
Introducing the synergy® S1 from ThyssenKrupp Elevator. ThyssenKrupp's state of the art technology brings you a passenger elevator that delivers performance and reliability in a compact solution and features award-winning design with flexible cabin dimensions.

synergy® BLUE
With a headroom that's up to 30% lower and a pit reduced by up to 70%, synergy® BLUE opens up new possibilities, especially in building structures with limited available space.

With its forward-thinking design concept and top-class technology, EVOLUTION® BLUE is not only a trendsetter, it's a step ahead of the future.

UNIQ® stands for the ultimate in individuality and uniqueness, as well as advanced technology, perfect down to the smallest detail. No matter how extravagant your architectural visions are, this passenger elevator can fulfill all of your special requirements.

SONIC® is the perfect choice for skyscrapers, office towers and other tall buildings where many people want to reach great heights. And it's a highlight in terms of design, as well – particularly in the attractive panorama variant.

COUPL® is a dual-cabin elevator that permanently connects two cars, one above the other. As this passenger elevator is used in a single shaft, it ensures particularly high conveyance capacity in tall buildings.

TWIN® is the first elevator system with two independent cars in one shaft – at the same conveyance capacity and with 25% space savings. This one-of-a-kind system opens up entirely new traffic concepts and sets new standards in high performance.


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ThyssenKrupp Elevator UK Limited

ThyssenKrupp Elevator UK Limited

Today, systems from ThyssenKrupp can be found in nearly every large city – around the globe. Whether you're looking for the best possible elevator system for a new building, or a way to modernise your existing system, or a service partner who'll...
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