Entrance matting: C/S Pedisystems®

Construction Specialties (UK)

C/S Pedisystems offers a range of entrance matting systems to meet almost any performance or aesthetic requirements. All products are easily maintainable, offer excellent appearance retention and moisture absorption, and are BS 8300:2001 compliant.

The range includes:

C/S Pedigrid: 44mm depth, system of removable aluminium-grille sections, designed for recessed installations.

C/S Pediluxe: 17mm depth, aluminium profile system that fits directly into most existing matwells. Can also be surface mounted and has an exceptional loadbearing capability of 500kg per wheel.

C/S Pedimat Ultra: 11mm depth, aluminium profile system. Can be recessed or surface mounted, either in a ramped frame or to butt level with a surrounding carpet.

C/S Helix: 11mm depth PVC/NBR tile with carpet inserts. A very easy-to-install and economical entrance matting solution.

C/S Gridline and Gridline Plus: stainless steel grid systems available with or without carpet inserts.

C/S Tetras Clean-off Carpet Tiles: 10mm thick, fire-rated, bitumen backed textile matting tiles. Extremely hardwearing and efficient at removing and trapping moisture and dirt.


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Construction Specialties (UK)

Construction Specialties (UK)

Construction Specialties (C/S) is a global manufacturer of a range of specialist building products. C/S product portfolio includes wall protection systems (C/S Acrovyn®), entrance matting (C/S Pedisystems®), hygienic coatings (C/S...
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