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Worcester now has a selection of ground source, air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps in its renewable products range.
Greenstore ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) are designed using thermodynamic principles to take energy from the ground and use it to meet the heating and hot-water requirements of an entire household. By harnessing stored energy in the ground, pumps provide heat with a lower running cost than standard boilers. A compressor and pump is used to remove heat from one side of the ground and transfer it to the home.

The most common operational systems include horizontal, compact and vertical collectors. Eight Greenstore ground source heat pump models are available, including four system units with outputs from 6 to 11kW and four new combination models with the same output range. All combination models are compliant with G3 regulations and eliminate the need to have a separate hot water cylinder.
Greensource air-to-water heat pumps use an external unit, which draws air from outside the building into the unit before converting the latent heat within the air into useable heat for the home. Designed to work with existing wet central heating systems, Greensource air-to-water heat pumps transfer converted heat into water for year round, low-cost, energy-saving heating and hot water.

Greensource air-to-air models use a similar process; an external fan converts energy stored in the air into useable heat to provide comfortable temperatures in the home all year round. Additionally, a Greensource air-to-air heat pump can  operate as an air cooler and purifier using built-in Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion-technology. Filtering pollen and dust from the air, Worcester’s air-to-air heat pumps are ideal for allergy sufferers and for reducing the temperature during summer months.


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Worcester, Bosch Group

Worcester, Bosch Group

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