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Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd

Approximately 65% of the UK is supplied with mains water which is described as hard. When heated, limescale build-up can occur, causing household appliances to run less effectively and increasing the likelihood of premature breakdown.

Hard water affects more than 60% of England. Most commercial buildings in the South, East and Midland areas of the UK will be subject to the detrimental effects of limescale if left untreated.

Limescale accumulation could lead to downtime, higher capital replacement costs, unplanned maintenance and repairs, and the costs associated with cleaning 'visible' limescale. Sentinel Commercial combat water hardness with our advanced zinc-based electrolytic scale inhibitor technology, Sentinel KalGUARD.


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Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd

Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd

Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd protect heating and hot water systems by providing best practice solutions and products internationally.

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