Hydraulic Lime Mixes


The benefits of using LIME-RIGHT Hydraulic Lime Mixes instead of cement mortars include:

• It gives superb flexibility, vapour permeability and building longevity.
• It reduces requirements for expansion joints.
• It breathes, allowing for the use of other ecological materials.
• Its manufacture uses less energy than cement.
• It reabsorbs CO2 during curing.
• It enhances the appearance of masonry and makes masonry recyclable.

LIME-RIGHT 350 Moderate

LIME-RIGHT 350 Moderate is by far EcoRight’s biggest seller and is often seen by their customers as the panacea for building with lime. Developed jointly by tradesmen and EcoRight’s product development team, it is widely used as a plaster, render and mortar. The product is equally at home on new builds and period properties.

The mortar is exceptionally easy to use and the amount of aggregate provides an outstanding finish for mortar and render where aesthetics are important. LIME-RIGHT 350 is often used as a finish coat plaster where a more rustic feel is required, however due to the aggregate content, where a smooth finish is required, particularly on ecobuilds or renovations, LIME-RIGHT finish plaster is used as a skim coat.

LIME-RIGHT 350 Moderate sets over a period of 15 to 20 days, but like all lime building products continues to grow in strength over a much longer period. The product remains workable for up to 12 hours after being knocked up and its workable nature makes it a favourite with lime building professionals, plus it is easy for the novice to adapt to.

LIME-RIGHT 500 Eminent

Typical applications include footings (all work below the damp proof course), gable ends, chimney stacks, exposed brickwork and any area which is likely to be subject to inclement weather conditions. The product may be used as a mortar, render or plaster.

Where a complete ecobuild or lime construction is required throughout, LIME-RIGHT 350 and LIME-RIGHT 500 are often used on different aspects of the project. Whilst the products are interchangeable, utilising the appropriate products is important to ensure the long term building integrity.


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Lime is one of the world’s oldest building materials, having been used for over 10,000 years. Evidence of its longevity can be seen in the millions of historical buildings still standing today. The use of lime mortar declined in the 20th Century,...
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