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Lapitec is a supreme example of a construction material developed by employing advanced scientific manufacturing techniques. (Patented) Not a natural stone, neither an artificial quartz stone nor a ceramic or a porcelain but a unique product now defined as a Sintered Stone. It has only been possible to create such a material by obtaining the most highly refined natural constituents and by controlling the physical and chemical environment of aggregation and crystallisation during manufacture, to a degree not possible heretofore. Lapitec’s superlative properties and consistency of production imbue this material with qualities unsurpassed for use in a broad spectrum of situations for use in commercial and high end domestic construction projects.
Lapitec’s composition is 100% mineral with no resin or hydrocarbon based binder components. It’s Chemistry and Mineralogy is similar to a granite but with a tight, cryptocrystalline structure similar to Porcelain.

  • Lapitec is inert and tolerant to very high temperatures, frost and unaffected by moisture.
  • Lapitec is resistant to UV light, acids and alkalis.
  • Lapitec’s extreme hardness makes it particularly resistant to scratching, abrasion and everyday wear and tear.

Furthermore all slabs are supplied from the factory with Lapitec Bio-Care as standard. This treatment imparts bacterial resistance and self cleaning properties to the material. In addition this will enhance it’s aesthetic appearance, will inhibit staining and simplify the cleaning and maintenance regime. Lapitec slabs are full bodied and as such composition, physical and visual properties are extremely consistent throughout. Contrast this with ordinary porcelain and traditional ceramic tiles which have a layered structure and where the colour, design and surface finish is applied on the face only. Due to the inherent extreme hardness and durability of Lapitec this is a material for the proficient fabricator. When cutting, working ,drilling and fixing this material modified stone and porcelain blades, tools and techniques are employed. Techniques for handling for storage, transport, in the factory and on site are consistent with good practise as employed by professionals for similar sized pieces of marble and granite.


FinishesLux: Highly reflective polished finish
Satin: Flat subtle eggshell sheen.
Vesuvio: A fine textured tactile but smooth surface finish similar to a Satinato finish on a fine grained Granite.
Fossil: A coarser textured surface finish, imparting a subtle tactile roughness similar to the natural ‘split face’ surface of a natural stone.
SizesSlab sizes: 3400 x 1500 mm.
Slab Thicknesses: 12mm and 20mm are now available with 30mm thickness to be arriving shortly.


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