Onrak (33kw) Rear Door Heat Exchanger

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Onrak Server Rack Cooling

The OnRak is a compact rear door heat exchanger designed to manage discharge temperatures from the server into the aisle space. In dealing with the heat load at source, the OnRak is highly efficient in floor space and power usage. It offers an expandable cooling system that can be supplied with an industry standard data rack (42 - 48U) or a mating frame to fit a customer-specific rack. The slim configuration of the OnRak ensures minimal impact into the aisle, it really is the ideal solution for cooling servers and server rack cooling at source.

Logicool IT cooling solutions
As part of the LogiCool range, the OnRak can be incorporated into a wide range of Airedale IT cooling solutions, including CRAC, Chillers and control products.

Efficient, Adaptable, Resilient
Enhanced by smart control logic and EC fan technology, the OnRak has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of more than 100. A means of comparing efficiency, the EER is a ratio of cooling divided by power input. Over a year, an OnRak with an EER of 144 will achieve 88% saving in power input compared with a traditional close control unit with the same capacity. The result of such a profficient EER rating is reduced costs of server room cooling.

To create an integrated, flexible cooling solution for the data centre and data room cooling, multiple OnRak units can be linked with an Airedale large capacity air cooled chiller using sophisticated AireTronix controls technology. Substantial energy savings are achieved when the OnRak is matched with a free-cooling chiller.

• Two product configurations: n (100% air volume); optional n+1(75% air volume)
• Cooling capacity: 33kW (n); 28kW (n+1)
• Variable speed fans for precise cooling between 3 – 33kW
• EC axial fans for ultimate efficiency: EER of 108 (n); 174 (n+1)
• Advanced AireTronix control system solutions
• Flexible water connections maintain cooling when the door is open
• Self-regulating constant flow control simplifies commissioning
• Water detection and automatic isolation
• High efficiency aluminium fin heat exchanger and integral coil guard
• Isolating solenoid valves (option)


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