Paving and timber decking support pedestals.. fixed height and adjustable height


Wallbarn paving and timber decking support pads are designed to suspend paving and decking off the waterproofed deck. This allows water to drain between and beneath the slabs preventing localised flooding on the terrace.

The major advantage of using support pads is that no mechanical fixings are required. The waterproofing membrane is not pierced or interrupted in any way and the paving slabs can be taken up at any time if the deck beneath needs to be inspected. The weight of the slab holds the whole system in place. It is a much faster, cleaner and easier way to lay paving onto concrete decks than by bedding them into mortar.

Some of the products Wallbarn offer include:

Plastic Fixed Height Support Pads
Wallbarn fixed height supports are ideal for paving on more straightforward decks.

Wallbarn fixed height plastic support pads are manufactured from 100% recycled injection moulded high density polypropylene.

They are available in two standard sizes, 14mm and 17mm high.

They act as a guide when laying paving, ensuring uniform position. This saves a considerable amount of time in application and gives an attractive finish.

ASP Adjustable Support Pads
ASP Adjustable Support Pads are designed for paving areas where very high clearance from the deck is required, or where continual and minor changes to the height is needed.

Plain stackable support pads can only be altered in height by doubling, tripling in size or by adding shims of a few millimetres.

For roofs built to falls where there are changes in levels by a very small or irregular amount, where there is a continuous fall over a large area, or where there are multiple and complicated changes in the fall and levels across the roof – then the ASP range of Adjustable Support Pads are the perfect tools.

Wallbarn’s ASP adjustable support pads are ideal as the stems pieces can be wound up and down to create level paving, saving a great deal of time and labour.

Rubber Support Pads For Paving Slabs
Wallbarn Rubber Paving Support Pads offer a perfect solution for deck paving. They ensure a secure, fast, clean and uniform way to lay paving slabs or decking on flat roofs, balconies and walkways.

Wallbarn Rubber Paving Support Pads are specially designed circular pads manufactured from high quality synthetic rubber.

They are extremely tough and have a high level of elasticity and flexibility.

On the upper surface they have four lugs to provide regular spacing between paving slabs. The under surface incorporates grooves to allow the drainage of water below the paving into the appropriate drainage outlet. This avoids puddling on the paved surface.

Wallbarn Rubber Paving Support Pads are designed to ensure that the paving slabs are clearly separated from each other with regular spacing between them, and are held securely in place.

TD Support Pads For Timber Decking
Wallbarn offers solutions to installation of timber decking on balconies and roof decks with the development of a flat-headed and joist-headed support pads, specifically for timber decking.

With the increasing amount of timber decks being laid, Wallbarn needed to ensure that its fast, simple and durable system of suspended deck finishing applied to timber as well as paving slabs.

Fixing timber decking is fast and easy using our system.

These support pads are similar to the ASP range, but manufactured with a set of joist peg fittings placed either 40mm or 60mm apart. We also have a new headpiece with an extra wide joist holder 90mm apart. This has been designed to hold a larger timber joist.

The timber joists are suspended off the deck, meaning none of the wood is exposed to standing water and the joists are not standing directly on the waterproofing membrane which might lead to damage. There is no need to mechanically fix the supports into the membrane; this is a completely free standing system.

There is no risk of them moving off the head piece and no bonding or fixings onto the support itself are required.


Recycled content (%)100
Availability<1 week
MaterialsVirgn Fibre Polypropylene, Recycled Polypropylene, PVC, EPDM, Rubber Compound
Other guaranteeslimited guarantee to weight / temperature tolerance
NBS clausesK11, J21, J31, J41, J42, Q37, 45-70-45


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