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Hambleside Danelaw

Hambleside Danelaw manufactures a comprehensive range of roof ventilation products which conform to the Building Regulations.

The range includes flush-fitting tile and slate roof ventilators that are designed for use with the most popular tile profiles and man-made or natural slates. Manufactured in polypropylene for durability and thermal stability, they have a non-reflective surface. These products provide maximum aesthetic appeal within the roofspace and may also be linked with mechanical extraction. They are manufactured in Terracotta, Brown, Grey and Antique Red, although other colours are available upon request.

Another product is the universal dry fix ridge ventilator available in two different sizes, ROR3 and ROR6. They can be fitted to all roof pitches and can accommodate more types of ridge design than other similar systems.

The roof ventilator range also covers all forms of eaves and soffit including the new HD ULV, Underlay Lap Ventilator. A cost and quick fix solution for homes to prevent condensation in poorly ventilated roofs. It can be installed from inside the roof, either DIY or professionally. They can be simply fitted between the overlaps in the roofing underlay below the tiles or slates to introduce ventilation openings where there is no proper provision for roofspace ventilation or after an upgrade to the loft insulation.


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ColoursTerracotta, Brown, Grey and Antique Red, although other colours are available upon request

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Hambleside Danelaw

Hambleside Danelaw

Hambleside Danelaw manufacture GRP flashings, GRP profiled rooflights, wall lights and cladding, the Dryseal GRP roofing system and a range of roof, cavity and underfloor ventilation products and ancillaries.
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