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The WallSpan range of hinged folding walls provide economic and versatile solutions to your space division needs, where the ease of operation of a concertina partition combines with the appearance of a flat movable wall.

The WallSpan range is a continuously hinged system which can be either top hung or floor supported and offers sound reductions from 25dB to 48dB.

The main features of the WallSpan range are:
• Pass door available, in most cases, at no extra cost
• Choice of Floor Supported or Top Hung systems
• Convenient handle operated secure bolts
• Versatile range of decorative finishes
• Glazed options are available


WallSlide is a simple push/pull sliding panel system, which has been designed to replace the traditional solid core door systems that tend to warp over time and become difficult to move.

The system is manufactured with a mix of steel and aluminium frame to provide a twist resistant structure and is fitted with acoustic infill materials and all the necessary rubber gaskets and sweep strips required to provide a quality acoustic block of 25-42dB between rooms.

To form larger openings the panels (max. 1200mm) are joined together onsite by way of linking rods and steel plates (max. 3 panels).

This system is top hung with a floor guide rail recessed into the underside of the panel and with a floor pin located in the floor to act as a guide.

The partition can be supplied as a single wing stacking at one end only or as a bi-parting configuration.

There is a vast array of possible finishes for the WallSlide System, so that the system suits the design of the room it occupies. Please note that other finishes are also possible dependent upon your specification.
• Ultimate in contemporary space management
• Design option to be stored in bespoke pocket
• Available with vision panels
• Vast selection of finishes - including veneer, laminate and white marker
• Multipronged acoustic seal
• Legislation compliant hardware


WallFlex vinyl concertina offers a sound reduction of between 15 and 35 dB. Top and bottom sweep strips are included to reduce sound penetration around the partition.

The system is available in a wide range of colours, the material even resists the growth of mildew, mould, fungi and bacteria.

If there is no suitable supporting structure, we can offer a self-supporting framework, please contact our sales office for further information.

Should the screen exceed the limitations of a self supporting structure, there is a floor supported option available.
• Acoustically tested from 15db to 35db
• Single wing, bi-parting or floating wing stacking
• Can be top hung or floor supported
• Class ‘0’ and class ‘1’ to BS: 476 as standard
• System supplied up to 6000mm high
• Track can be curved

GlassWall 200

GlassWall 200 combines the contemporary elegance of glass with advanced technology to provide a highly versatile all glass wall. Individual panels slide on two rollers suspended from an overhead track.

Individual panels slide on two rollers suspended from an overhead track.
When not in use the panels can be parked in a remote cupboard or at the end of the opening; once in position the panels are secured with locking bolts to provide a stable wall capable of a high degree of security.

A range of panel options permit this system to be used in a number of applications which can include single and double pass doors, working around curves and angled junctions.

Technical Details:
• Track – powder coated white RAL 9010 60 mm x 92 mm or 102 mm x 86 mm
• Powder coating in any RAL colour possible
• Double disc ball bearing roller
• For panel suspension, self-locking height adjustment mechanism
• Brush seal, one side, top and bottom (optional extra)
• Aluminium profile top and bottom

Optional extras:
• Powder coating in all RAL- colours, anodised E6/EV1, anodised E1/C31 stainless steel coloured (stainless steel sanded 240 grain) floor ferrule in stainless steel

• TSG glass (Toughened Safety Glass)
• Single pane – safety glass (to DIN 1249)
• Passive safety glass made by thermal pre-stressing during manufacture.
• Glass thickness: 10 mm/12 mm
• Weight: 26 kg/m² – 32 kg/m²
• Edges: ground and polished
• LSG glass (Laminated Safety Glass)
• Laminated safety glass (to DIN 52290)
• Active safety glass made with interlayer (2 x 0,38 mm PVB-sheet).
• Glass partially thermally pre-stressed
• Glass thickness: 12.76 mm (2 x 6 mm TSG)
• Weight: 34 kg/m²
• Edges: ground and polished

GlassWall 300

The GlassWall 300 is non-thermally broken aluminium hinged, framed system. It is top hung, and has a stress group B weather rating.

Ideal applications include: Balconies, Draught Screens, Room Dividers, Conservatories, Roofed Terraces and Street Cafes.

Technical Details:
• Individual panel system
• Top Rail or Patch Fittings only, guide fittings at floor level.
• Top hung on two point suspension system for various stacking options.
• Maximum of 3no panel sliding each way.
• Passdoors can be supplied with standard ironmongery.
• Maximum panel height is 3300mm (dependant on width of panel and weight of glass).
• Top rails are fitted with cover plate in aluminium, can be finished with paint.

• Various Top track and rails available according to requirements.
• Natural anodized or powder coated to a RAL spec.
• Track can be exposed or concealed within suspended ceiling.
• Multi ball bearings, multi directional trolleys.

• 10mm/12mm toughened glass (12mm glass over 2500mm).
• Long edges polished.
• Manifestation/etching can be supplied on request.

Technical Data:
• The construction is flush with the surface therefore there are no protruding running or directional tracks
• Can be opened to the inside or outside and is available with a separate or attached turning panel (through 180'). Segment folding systems are possible up to an angle of 45'.
• Centre pivoting panels are possible
• The profiles have a very narrow visible projection width allowing a very large percentage of glazed surface
• The panel is 45mm thick allowing a maximum panel width of 1100mm.
• Up to I0mm expansion compensation that is made possible due to wide closing rebates meaning that the screen remains impenetrable and continues to function correctly under hot and cold conditions
• Vertical sealing is by means of a double EPDM seal. Horizontal sealing is by means of a double brush seal
• Drainage of the panels can be via a slit cut in the glass groove according to manufacturers’ guidelines. The ground sill has controlled water drainage to the outside due to the slanting profile formation


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