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Vulcan supply a large range of Tactile Plates in GRP (external), Rubber (internal), & individual Bars and Blisters in Stainless and Brass.

Any plates or areas for tactile products should be marked out and constructed in 400mm square modules. The surfaces of these GRP Tactile products are a C25 pedestrian grit.

Normally buff in colour to be a variant from pavement/walkway blacktop. This gives a colour warning as well as a detectable raised surface warning.

Corduroy Hazard Warning Surfaces

The purpose of the corduroy surface is to warn visually impaired persons of the presence of specific hazards: stairs, level crossings or the approach to on-street light rapid transit (LRT) platforms. It can be used where a footway joins a shared route ie cycle ways. It conveys the message ‘hazard, proceed with caution’.

The Corduroy Plate is mainly used in the approach to Stairs, descent or ascent. Head, Foot and mid landings should be considered.

An 800mm wide tactile band is preferred at the Head & Foot of the stairs. Intermediate landings should be treated with a 400mm wide band.

Uniform Blister Surfaces (on-Street)

These Blister surfaces are used to provide a warning to visually impaired persons who would to otherwise, in the absence of a kerb upstand <25mm high, find it difficult to differentiate between where the footways ends and the carriage way begins. This surface is an essential safety feature for this group of road users at pedestrian crossing points, where the footway is flush with the carriageway to enable wheelchair users to cross unimpeded.

The Uniform Blister Plate is most commonly used at Crossing Points And Access Ramps.

An 800mm wide tactile band is preferred at the Head & Foot of all ramps. Intermediate flat areas do not necessarily need a warning band. Any highway crossing point needs to be constructed with the Governments Highway and Tactile plate set out guide.

Staggered Blister Surfaces (off-Street)

The Staggered Blister Surface is to warn visually impaired users of the edge of off-Street platforms for all modes of rail transport.

Staggered Blister plates are only used for this application.

Traverse Range

A permanent, integrated step insert to create high grip tread zone in stairs, ramps or large floor areas. It is the original composition of rubber with added high friction, hard wearing properties.

These inserts can be used in conjunction with terazzo, concrete, marble, stone or wood.

It is adaptable in application as it can be set into steps at time of casting, bonded with adhesive into precut channels or screwed to the substrate. When inserted into Vulcan’s range of Aluminium VUL 163t P28 nosing, this product reaches DDA standards on the tread and the riser.

With the increasing need for inbuilt safety on steps and the long established track record of the performance, it comfortably meets the need of Architects, specifiers and contractors.

Available in strips of up to 2.7m as standard or discs for a feature line.


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