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As the name suggests, telescopic gates work by individual sections of a gate overlapping each other as the gate opens. As with sliding gates, a telescopic gate moves along one straight line, however, a telescopic gate has the advantage that it takes up less space compared to a tracked or cantilevered sliding gate when in the open position. This therefore makes it ideal for a site where space is restricted either side of an entrance, but where the entrance itself is relatively wide - a single telescopic gate can be used for an opening of up to 14 metres, and a pair of gates for an opening of twice that size.

As with all the other different type of automatic gates Procter design, manufacture and install, there will always be a degree of customisation for any telescopic gate. So although the basic principle and many of the technical components will be consistently used, the size, specification of materials and visual appearance will always be different to ensure the operational and aesthetic requirements of the site are fully met.

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Procter Contracts

Procter Contracts

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