Type BD Range: Rainwater Separation & Infiltration System


Environmentally friendly separation
A Hydrorock® infiltration block is made from 100% natural stone wool with a filter cloth membrane. It absorbs rainwater with a capacity of 94% of its volume. Built-in perforated pipes provide a connection to the rainwater discharge. The filter cloth ensures gradual infiltration into the surrounding soil.

Efficient Rainwater Buffer
Hydrorock® is a new type of rainwater buffer that stores more rain and groundwater but requires less digging. As a result, Hydrorock blocks offer more water absorption and more efficient infiltration and drainage.

•Separating rainwater discharges in homes, offices, carports and garages.
•Separating rainwater inlets and drains in paving.
•Local rainwater buffering and infiltration. Supplements groundwater in a natural way.
•Prevents soil dehydration. Trees and plants enjoy rainwater for longer.

Hydrorock® infiltration blocks remain underground for decades in optimum condition. Standard plastic buffers are liable to surface damage and have to be replaced. Hydrorock® withstands erosion from plant and tree roots. The cotton- based filter cloth membrane does not get mouldy or rot. It has a high breaking strength and resists natural substances in the soil.

Vertical Installation
Hydrorock® blocks have a fine, unidirectional fibre structure. A horizontal fibre direction promotes drainage while a vertical fibre direction promotes infiltration. For separation and infiltration of rainwater, the blocks should be positioned vertically.


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Hydrorock® has a load bearing capacity of up to 4 tonnes and if fully SUDS compliant. It is an effective and sustainable way to prevent flooding, separate rainwater discharge and preventing dehydration of the soil without the need for piping. Made...
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