Ventilation louvres: C/S Louvres

Construction Specialties (UK)

C/S Louvre systems provide an effective way of improving a building’s energy efficiency, providing natural ventilation and airflow to building systems.

A wide range of models is available to suit different specification and performance requirements:

Storm-resistant (performance) louvres - provide moderate to good airflow with excellent defence against wind-driven rain. Typically used when high levels of ventilation and maximum protection from the rain is needed, for instance when sensitive equipment such as HVAC plant is behind the louvre.

Standard louvres with drainable blades give good airflow and some rain defence; used in areas where occasional ingress of water is not a major concern and some drainage of cascading water is required.

Screening louvres - suitable for locations where water penetration will not cause significant problems and economy is the primary consideration, such as screening of rooftop plant or in a multi-storey car park.

The range includes models with horizontal or vertical blade orientations and hidden or visible mullions. Louvres are available in anodised finish, polyester powder coat, or non-toxic, VOC-free powder coat with 20 year warranty.

C/S Louvres have been tested to BS EN 13030:2001.


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Construction Specialties (UK)

Construction Specialties (UK)

Construction Specialties (C/S) is a global manufacturer of a range of specialist building products. C/S product portfolio includes wall protection systems (C/S Acrovyn®), entrance matting (C/S Pedisystems®), hygienic coatings (C/S...
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