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VIDURSOLAR Photovoltaic Modules

2 Jul 2009

Telling Architectural has launched Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glass (BIPV) to its range of façade services. This VIDURSOLAR technology generates energy in the location where it is consumed and is "a façade technology of the future” in this era of sustainable and integrated building.

VIDURSOLAR is an innovative photovoltaic module for architectural integration, designed as a highly engineered construction element. It has been developed to offer alternatives to conventional construction methods, adopting the same functions of safety, security, solar protection, thermal and acoustic insulation whilst adding an innovative, aesthetic and ecological energy generation component.

VIDURSOLAR photovoltaic modules are characterised by excellent quality and exceptional safety features. They are CE marked as construction products, and are classified as "Laminated Safety Glass" according to EN 14449:2005.

Telling uses PVB (polyvinylbutyle) as the interlayer, this encapsulant being traditionally used in the construction and automotive sectors for laminated safety glass due to its significant performance advantages in resistance to breakage.

Suitable for use as cladding or curtain walling, in skylights, suncreens or balconies, the modules can readily be installed in conjunction with other forms of façade

VIDURSOLAR has more than 45 years glass manufacturing experience for the construction, automotive and industrial sectors with quality control certified according to ISO 9001.

There are a range of translucent colours of PVB (Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, Red and opaque colours on the rear glass are possible. The cells differ in colour and power levels and are even available perforated for enhanced light transmission.

The innovative versatility in design of VIDURSOLAR photovoltaic modules combined with Telling's custom-made production facilities, offer designers an extraordinary scope for creativity and flair.



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