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The Ecophon acoustic ceiling range has an extensive choice of edge designs, sizes and surfaces ensure that your space can be enhanced aesthetically and achieve class A sound absorption.

Ecophon offers attractive acoustic ceiling systems with superb sound absorption. With these systems, ReSpace has been able to create quality sound environments in offices, schools, retail, healthcare premises and public areas.

All of the Ecophon acoustic ceiling systems are environmentally friendly with very high recyclable content and have been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco label.

Ecophon Focus
• The Focus acoustic ceiling system offers flat and curved panels, XL sizes for corridors, level changes, unique perimeter details and integrated lighting.
• The range features a variety of products with different options in size and edge design.
• The Focus range is available in a contemporary palette of colours, and can be used in most acoustic applications whatever the design and installation requirements.

Ecophon Master
• The Master range of acoustic ceilings is widely used in schools and is also ideal for large open-plan office installations.
• Featuring three-different finishes and numerous edge designs, the Master range also includes freely suspended sound-absorbing panels that provide opportunities for an exciting environment where a continuous ceiling cannot be installed.

Ecophon Combison
• The Combison product range reflects the needs of the modern office to use partition walls to create versatile spaces.
• To ensure privacy is at a premium, it is paramount that sound cannot travel through the ceiling and over walls.

Ecophon Advantage
• The Ecophon Advantage acoustics range offers great value for money without compromising on necessary requirements in moisture resistance, mechanical strength and acoustics.
• The Advantage range has class A absorption and features a tissue batch painted surface.

Ecophon Gedina
• A favourite of architects, ceiling contractors and end-users, Ecophon Gedina is a classic and safe choice that is low weight and easy to handle.
• Ecophon Gedina A and Gedina E are installed in Connect T24 or T15 grids.
• Installation is quick and easy and produces a robust ceiling structure for everyday environments.

Ecophon Sombra
• In some premises such as cinemas, restaurants, bars and night clubs there is a need for black ceilings with sound absorbing qualities, and Sombra fills this need.
• Available with a choice of edge designs and tile sizes.

Ecophon Access
• The Ecophon Access system allows easy access to services in corridors and installation runs.
• With no obstructing cross-tees the system provides quick access to services in voids where there is a need for inspection, alteration or maintenance.
• The short sides of each ceiling panel are hinged, making the Ecophon Access range a cost-effective and versatile solution.
• The system allows the entire ceiling to be opened and panels are easy to dismount and clean.

Ecophon Hygiene
• Combines excellent acoustics and washability properties.
• Well suited for premises in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and professional kitchens.
• All of the products in the range meet corrosion classes C1, C3 and C4.

Ecophon Super G
• The Ecophon Super G range is a specific impact-resistance system for spaces such as sports halls, gyms and corridors.
• The colour range has been specially selected for the marketplace, and the Super G range includes several different systems depending on the level of force and activity whilst also provided class a sound absorption.


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