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Mermet glass fibre based fabrics each have their own specific acoustic properties including those that are relatively acoustically transparent.

Acoustically Absorbent Fabrics
Mermet Acoustis 50 fabric has been engineered to be particularly absorbent of the sound waves associated with speech and music.

Acoustis is a glass fibre fabric that absorbs sound. Wherever people congregate in buildings – public, corporate, academic, sporting, entertainment and hospitality - Acoustis fabric serves to keep ambient noise levels to a minimum.

Low noise, great designs
In addition to being an effective medium for absorbing sound, Acoustis is a highly versatile design fabric with a wide range of practical and aesthetic interior applications. These range from decorative tensile structures to wall coverings, window blinds and space partitions. And being a printable material, Acoustis can also be used in a wide range of communications and graphics media.

Great designs, excellent shading
The engineering of the weave pattern within the fabric that make it particularly absorbent of the sound waves associated with speech and music also make the fabric exceptionally absorbent of visible light.

Full fire safety
Mermet Acoustis fabrics have achieved BSI Fire Rating standard BS476. Part 6. Class 0. Click here for certificate.

Acoustis 50 affords exceptional light control allied with sound control. It has a structure within it's weave that makes it very easy to cut and handle as the blind is being made and it rolls particularly well when in use.

Acoustically Transparent Fabrics:
None of the Mermet fabrics are specifically engineered to provide acoustic insulation (sound proofing), as their largely open weave structure and thinness of construction can limit the fabric's performance as a barrier. These properties however, when added to the fabric's light weight, dimensional stability (it stays where it is put), durability, ease of cleaning, ability to take digital print and BS476 Pt 6 Class 0 fire rating can make it an excellent surface coating.

The largely acoustically transparent Screen Vision SV 10% (previously E-Screen 7510) has been used within many sports halls, where, placed behind a timber lattice, it has provided a presentable, retentive facing for unattractive, awkward to clean, possibly fibrous and mineral acoustically absorbent materials. Its acoustic transparency enables the materials behind to function fully and normally.

The Satine 5500 given its similar acoustic performance, attractive twill weave and palette of more than 30 colours has been used as a decorative covering for the faces of some of the new ultra-thin loudspeakers, without resulting in sound deformation.


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