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Acoustic GRG Products

GRG has a range of lightweight acoustic products which are perfect for walls or ceilings. The range includes: RPG Bicubic, RPG Formedffusor, RPG Harmonix, RPG Skyline. These can be painted any colour or on some of the products there is an option to be fabric wrapped.

RPG Formedffusor:
RPG® developed a lightweight, thermoformed panel made of Class 1 firerated Kydex®. The diffusor has graceful curved inner and outer radii for an attractive appearance. Kydex® is stiff and impact resistant allowing the Formedffusor™ to be used in almost any wall or ceiling application.

RPG Harmonix:
The Waveform Harmonix™ is the first cost-effective sound diffusor that offers uniform mid-high sound diffusion and a moderate amount of low frequency diaphragmatic absorption to provide optimal coverage with bass management or good mig/high frequency diffusion with the highest fire safety. The RPG Bicubic is a larger version of the Harmonix, which can be custom made to specific dimensions and shapes.

RPG Skyline:
RPG utilised advanced primitive root number theory to design the most powerful and aesthetic two dimensional omnidirectional diffusing surface in the acoustical industry. Interfering reflections can be controlled by absorption or diffusion. In small rooms, it is often desirable to control interfering reflections and provide an ambient sound field using diffusion instead of absorption. When the room’s surfaces are relatively close to the listener, a very efficient diffusing surface is needed.

Our acoustic cubes are made from foam and covered in a stitched case making them a lightweight broadband solution for ceilings and flexible to fit in with any décor.

Other lightweight options:

The DeAmp system are transparent panels available in varying thicknesses for any environment. DeAmp panels can be transparent/frosted or printed.

Clipso is a stretch fabric system available in a wide range of colours and styles. The fabric sits on a track system making it perfect for shapes/angles/cut outs. It is quick and easy to install with excellent fire resistant and acoustic properties.


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Acoustic GRG Products

Acoustic GRG Products

Acoustic GRG Products Ltd have been manufacturing acoustic products for the UK and Europe for over 20 years. Acoustic GRG operate from their newly occupied workshop in Kent, producing the full RPG range and offering many customisation...
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