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Acoustic Wood:
Acoustic GRG have a wide range of acoustic wood panels and products, available in a range of wood finishes or paint-able for any project. They also design and manufacture bespoke wood panelling for any project.

Acoustic wood panelling:
RPG Flutterfree, Flutterfree T, Flutterfree W, Slotted panelling range

Acoustic Wood Products:
RPG Diffractal, RPG Monoradial, RPG Omniffusor, RPG Spline
RPG Flutterfree/RPG Flutterfree W

FlutterFree® is the first acoustical hardwood moulding that controls flutter echo by diffusion, maintaining the natural ambiance of the room. When adjacent panels are spaced and mounted with an air cavity, low frequency absorption can also be achieved. RPG Flutterfree W has curved ends allowing it to be mounted on curved walls.

RPG Flutterfree T:
FlutterFree®-T is a handsome, furniture grade, acoustical hardwood molding that provides flutter echo control. Its application converts rooms with flat parallel surfaces into functional spaces with good speech intelligibility, sound quality, and a natural, comfortable ambience. It expands the designer's flutter control finish treatment options beyond fabric upholstered surfaces.

Slotted Panelling:
We have a wide range of acoustic panelling composed of an MDF core, supplied either with a wood veneer or RAL/NCS finish on both surfaces. The rear side is provided with a black acoustical tissue to improve absorption. The range is available in different sized slots/perforations and finishes.

RPG Diffractal:
The Diffractal® is the first diffusing fractal. It consists of nested self similar scaled diffusors, each of which covers a specific frequency range and offers wide area coverage without lobing effects.

RPG Monoradial:
The Monoradial™ is typically used to provide longitudinal (front-back) scattering to help minimize the problems from flat panels. RPG offers the Monoradial™ in Class A Glass Reinforced Gypsum and wood.

RPG Omniffusor
The Omniffusor® is the first two dimensional QRD® sound diffuser of its kind. It offers twice the reflection attenuation of the 1D QRD®, because it scatters sound uniformly into a hemisphere. The Omniffusor® provides uniform, omnidirectional, broad bandwidth diffusion in an attractive ceiling or wall design element.

RPG Spline:
RPG developed the first Shape Optimization program, which automatically determines the best shape, tilt and arraying to insure uniform coverage. The Shape Optimizer combines the power of the boundary element and multi-dimensional optimization techniques, incorporating the diffusion coefficient as the metric of optimal performance. The Waveform Spline provides optimal ensemble for musicians on stage and uniform coverage in the audience. Each canopy element has the same optimal shape for aesthetic reasons, but independent tilt, insuring uniform coverage by the forestage canopy in a definable number of rows in the front of the audience.

Fabric covered Acoustic Wood Products:

RPG Abffusor:
The Abffusor® is the industry’s first absorption phase grating. It is an extension of RPG®’s research on the reflection phase grating (RPG) which provides sound diffusion from a series of divided reflective wells of equal width and different depths. The depths of both the reflective wells of the RPG and the absorptive wells of the Abffusor® are based on mathematical number theory sequences. The Abffusor®’s absorption efficiency extends below that of a traditional flat porous absorber because it utilizes two absorption mechanism.

Acoustic Reversible Products:

RPG Biffusor:
The Biffusor is reversable. One side is a QRD 734, the other is a combination product with absorbing material in the well base. If this aesthetic is not pleasing, then another option is to have a QRD face and a standard absorbing face, similar to the Modex module. This product is ideally mounted into a recess with a pivot mounting to allow the unit to rotate, this action can be motorised and controlled remotely.


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Acoustic GRG Products

Acoustic GRG Products

Acoustic GRG Products Ltd have been manufacturing acoustic products for the UK and Europe for over 20 years. Acoustic GRG operate from their newly occupied workshop in Kent, producing the full RPG range and offering many customisation...
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