AET Flexible Space: Underfloor air conditioning

AET Flexible Space

The AET Flexible Space System is an Under Floor Air Conditioning (UFAC) system which makes use of a raised access floor to provide the air ventilation duct, eliminating the need for traditional ceiling based services. The system can be used to create high quality indoor environments and comfortable workspace for commercial applications.

The whole plenum under the raised access floors essentially becomes the duct, with each floor then divided into a number of zones. Each zone is then supplied with chilled or warm air by a conditioned air module (CAM). The beauty of this duct-free approach to air conditioning commercial buildings is that is has the potential to cut the cost of total construction by up to 7% and reduce building energy consumption by up to 30%.

Other key benefits of this unique system include the elimination of horizontal pipework and ventilation ductwor, comfortable, healthy environments without draughts and enhanced building rentability.


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AET Flexible Space

AET Flexible Space

AET Flexible Space is a leading global provider of Underfloor Air Conditioning (UfAC) systems.

By using the plenum beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation zone, duct and pipework can be virtually eliminated and commercial space...
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