AirGap 6000 Fill Valve Series


The Fluidmaster Airgap 6000 Series is a unique toilet cistern fill valve which saves water with every flush; helping to address the interconnected issues of water conservation and CO2 emissions from water pumping.

The next generation of adjustable cistern fill valves, the Airgap 6000 Series contain all the high-performance features for which Fluidmaster products are renowned, whilst providing a solution to the issues of backflow and ‘blue water’.

Offering the ultimate in versatility, the Airgap 6000 fill valve is compatible with almost every cistern on the UK market; available with bottom or side entry capability and a choice of plastic or brass shank.

With an average of four people in each household in the UK, each flushing the toilet cistern five times a day, the amount of water expended through toilet use is significant! Considering that the use of toilet systems in commercial buildings is substantially higher, it’s easy to see why significant water conservation can be made by installing more efficient, water saving fill valves.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the AirGap 6000 saves water by ensuring that the cistern doesn’t start to refill until the flush function has completely finished. By momentarily ‘delaying’ the cistern refill, up to 1L of water can be saved per flush. In independent testing this revolutionary filling technology was shown to save 21% to 31% water per flush.

In addition, it’s the only adjustable cistern fill valve to eliminate backflow and the only height adjustable bottom inlet toilet cistern valve compliant with UK Water Fittings Regulations.

Features include:
• Operating pressure Range - From 0.1bar to 10bar mains water pressure.
• Airgap distance built in design to meet AUK1 and Type AG airgap requirements.
• Reduces risk of water hammer.
• Quiet Filling - Noise level below 60dB (Normal Conversation 60-70dB).
• Pressure restrictor fitted to control flow rates when not using gravity systems.
• Removable filtration - Filter fitted within thread.
• Small footprint allows for fitting into tight cisterns.
• Adjustable Height - From 265mm to 320mm. (Overall Height of valve)
• Other Dimensions: Lx100mm Wx55mm
• Water level adjustment from approx. 130mm to 220mm
• Normal Working Temperature – 0°C – 20°C.
• Inlet Thread – Brass ½” BSP to suit tap connector: 50mm Long Made from recyclable materials. • 100% Tested and Manufactured in Hereford, England


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Fluidmaster is a toilet repair and water management solutions brand.

Founded on the innovation and provision of high-quality toilet flush solutions Fluidmaster was established in 1957 by inventor and entrepreneur Adolf Schoepe....
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