aluplast Lift-and-Slide


With U-values as low as 0.65 W/m2K, the aluplast Lift-and-Slide delivers exceptional thermal performance, effortless operation and uninterrupted sightlines.

Combined with a wide choice of finishes, including our highly innovative aluskin external aluminium cladding-option, it’s engineered to deliver high-margin retail opportunities.

The aluplast Lift-and-Slide exploits proven technology. Sashes are mounted on an easy-lift mechanism that elevates when opened and lowers on to the track when closed.

So, a fully closed door rests over lower weather seals improving the door’s weather tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation. The moving sash can also be lowered on to any place on the track making for occasional ventilation.


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aluplast delivers globally exceptional high-quality products and the best professional knowledge on how to manufacture eco-friendly thermally efficient windows.

Renowned for quality engineering and excellence in design, aluplast is a top...
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