Alu-Timber Merging Material Solutions

Alu-Timber Merging Material Solutions

Creating sustainable, energy-efficient buildings is a cornerstone of design. The facade is now a functional element to the building; a membrane which keeps the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, reducing the need for additional energy from heating or air conditioning. The materials used must be sustainable, renewable and have a real end of life use.

Taking all current specification and building regulation demands into consideration, The Parkside Group Limited is pleased to launch Alu-Timber, a range of aluminium/timber windows, doors and framing, that combines sustainably grown FSC or PEFC timbers with 100% recyclable aluminium.

Timber is a non-conductive material, minimising heat loss and, by using high performing glass, the lowest U-values are achievable. To protect, aluminium gives the timber facade a standard 25 year performance guarantee. Alu-Timber gives the specifier benefits: low U-values to achieve current legislation, as well as reassurance for the client that the facade will last, with minimal maintenance.

Technological advances mean that traditional softwoods are now processed and are classed as Engineered Timbers. Engineered timber comes from abundant forests which are forestry farmed sustainable sources, compliant with FSC, PEFC accreditation. Engineered timbers are available in Ash, Redwood, Larch, Eucalyptus and Oak.

Aluminium with its cradle-to-cradle lifecycle, recyclability and longevity, is the ideal material to give timber a leading edge. Its high strength-to-weight ratio means that less material can be used to give the timber facade its 25 year guarantee. At its end of life, the aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again with no loss to its form or quality.

Aluminium is a tried and tested facade material, providing a well known realm of design solutions. By taking this renowned industry design, fabrication and installation expertise and merging it with the very latest timber innovation, Alu-Timber provides the market with windows, doors and framing that can be fabricated and installed as aluminium facade products. Using these tried and tested aluminium construction methods Alu-Timber provides reassurance for clients, specifiers and building end users.

Creating longevity is the whole ethos of Alu-Timber, protecting the timber to the external with aluminium throughout the facade. To construct Alu-Timber corner joints, the timber is cut at 45° then sealed, so there is no exposed raw timber joint, creating reassurance for the specifier that rot will not set in. Dowel pins are then used to secure the corner. The aluminium is made traditionally, with cleats and 45° mitres, aluminium has a nosing which fits into a groove within the timber frame; the two materials are simply pressed together to create Alu-Timber.

The Alu-Timber range includes casement, tilt-and-turn windows and an open-in and open-out door. Due to the superior jointing of Alu-Timber, it has inherently high deflection loads. Alu-Timber can therefore be used as a window walling suite up to storey height, creating modular framing systems with opening windows and doors.

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