Ambion Heating Chosen for "Eco-Friendly" Homes

Ambion Heating Chosen for "Eco-Friendly" Homes

First Start Homes is a leading modular homes developer that is well-known for manufacturing eco-friendly properties. It uses its innovative ‘Pureblok’ system to build a range of modular properties, providing affordable and energy efficient solutions suitable for first time buyers and social housing providers.

With gas boilers set to be banned in new build properties from 2025, First Start Homes was keen to find a high-performance heating solution that would be fit for the future and would help it to maintain its sustainability credentials.

It also needed a solution that would be cost-effective and easy to install within the modular building process.

They approached Ambion Heating to find out how its computer-controlled, infrared (CCIR) heating system could meet their requirements.

They found that Ambion’s CCIR system would be ideal for their modular approach to construction - here’s how Oliver, Ambion CEO, explains it:

“Ambion’s CCIR heating system is a perfect fit for all forms of modular housing and modular construction. For volumetric modular construction, CCIR can be pre-installed in the factory, saving time and reducing installation costs. And in any modular building, CCIR can easily be installed by a qualified electrician, making the process quicker and easier than traditional wet heating systems as used by air source heat pumps.”

First Start Homes also discovered that it would be significantly more cost effective to install Ambion in its properties than alternative low-carbon heating systems, like air source heat pumps, which meant it could provide its customers with eco-friendly heating system without incurring substantial costs.

As Ambion’s CCIR system uses on average 60% less energy than a standard convection system, and around the same amount of energy as an air source heat pump, it truly is a sustainable, low-carbon alternative to traditional boilers - which is just what First Start Homes was looking for.

And they could also rest assured that they were providing their customers with a high quality heating solution, as Ambion has a proven track record of reducing humidity and improving the air quality within a building.

First Start Homes realised that Ambion’s CCIR heating system was exactly what they were looking for - a cost-effective, high quality, sustainable alternative to conventional central heating.

To date, they have fitted 12 properties with Ambion, and they plan to install our CCIR heating within over 200 properties in 2022.

Here’s what Marcus Fookes, Head of New Markets and Operations at First Start Homes, had to say about Ambion:

“We chose Ambion because we needed a cost-effective, sustainable form of heating that would future-proof our homes for the long term. The system maintains a comfortable temperature round-the-clock, while using minimal energy, and also integrates with our solar and battery solutions. It’s exactly what we were looking for.”

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