Anti-climb fencing provides stylish security for Gillingham Golf Club

Anti-climb fencing provides stylish security for Gillingham Golf Club

To reduce the risk of break-ins and vandalism at the Gillingham Golf Club, Jacksons Fencing were tasked with supplying 352m of 2m high Barbican® fencing.

Gillingham Golf Club was originally registered in 1905 as The United Services Golf Club, having been set up by serving officers of the armed forces. Today, it a popular venue that welcomes players of all capabilities. The club regularly hosts a number of events throughout the year including conferences, weddings and social events.

The golf course at Gillingham Golf Club is split into two areas on either side of a main road. In recent years the boundary on the road had been demarcated by timber palisade fencing, which although looked aesthetically pleasing, is not suitable for sites where there is a need for a perimeter security fence.

Situated in a busy central location, the club was vulnerable to anti-social behaviour such as trespassing and littering, as the timber fence provided little resistance to climbing and attack. Barbican® fencing, which features a square pale design and has an anti-climb construction, was the solution.

Barbican® is manufactured using welded pale-through-rail construction, meaning there are no bolts to be forced or palings to be removed, creating a vandal proof and secure line of defence around the boundary of the golf course. To accommodate for the sloping ground of the terrain, the panels were stepped upon installation, but they can also be raked for hills and slopes during the manufacturing stage.

The fencing was polyester powder coated in RAL 6005 green and carries a 25 year service life guarantee, creating a safe and welcoming environment for members of the golf club for years to come.

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