Automated electric heating for paths, drives and parking ramps

Automated electric heating for paths, drives and parking ramps

It can be all too easy to get caught out by a cold snap. When wintry weather strikes, surfaces freeze over, vehicles are immobilised and everyday activites can be severely disrupted.

There is a solutions to keep drives, ramps and walkways ice and snow free: installing an electric heating system.

As one of the UK’s leading provider of ice and snow melting systems, Heat Mat offers industry, commerce and homeowners the best defence against freezing weather.

Their full range of Scandinavian-designed heating cables, thermostats and fitting accessories for driveways, paths and ramps have been tried and tested in the winter extremes of northern Europe.

Robust heating wire systems - including `hot asphalt` cabling - protect tarmac, concrete or block paving driveways, car parks and pathways, steps, loading ramps and bridges – helping to keep the wheels turning in even the coldest conditions.

Heat Mat’s custom-made intelligent thermostats are fully programmable to deliver energy efficient, fully automated heating. Sensors monitor ground temperature and moisture levels, triggering the system only when needed.

Installed beneath virtually any surface to ensure it remains free of dangerous ice and snow build-up, Heat Mat’s bespoke expert heating remains maintenance free once in place, so there’s no need to use salt or grit - saving costs and the risk of surface damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle.

In public places and shared residential areas vehicles and pedestrian health and safety requirements are met by maintaining an ice- and snow-free premises.

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