Axial and Centrifugal Fans

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The inhouse team of air movement specialists at Axair support all customers with the fan selection process.

With such a vast range of fan types offering various characteristics and performance levels it can prove difficult and potentially dangerous to select the right fan for a system on your own.

All technical engineers have years of experience and knowledge of their niche divisions products, they can determine the most efficient product for a specified environment whilst matching the required airflow and pressure point.

Axair offer a range of axial fans including plate and cased mounted variants. Axial fans move large volumes of air at low pressures. Axials can be used in small applications such as cooling electronics or large applications including building ventilation, general ventilation, industrial, drying rooms, biomass, heat exchangers, sunbed equipment and many more.

Centrifugal range:
The vast range of industrial centrifugal fans are noise optimised and improve system efficiency resulting in a quieter and cost-effective fan system.

• Inline duct fans; used in industry, horticulture and spray booths, plug fans including free running impellers and modular impeller units suitable for general ventilation.

• Air handling units; used for clean room ventilation, powder control and downdraught workbenches.

• Forward curved centrifugal fans; providing low noise levels and relatively small air flows with a high static pressure. Typical applications in this range are extraction, cooling of machinery and parts, clean air transportation, hot fume control, special effects equipment, inflatable equipment, boiler forced draught, environmental chambers, ultra-sonic equipment, printing and drying equipment, electronic enclosure ventilation, heating and cooling coils, small air handling units, solarium equipment, electronic heatsink cooling, spray containment, attenuated fan boxes and conveyor cooling.

• Backward curved centrifugal fans; providing good operating efficiency mainly used in high pressure, medium flow applications. Typical applications are air filtration, fume control, electronic cabinet cooling, lamp cooling, solarium equipment, roof extract units, in-line duct fans, high-pressure coils, air conditioning cassettes, refrigeration equipment, paint booths, collection of dust, food industry dryers, food processing, Incineration, odour control in industry, Indoor/outdoor pollution control, big buildings, malls, Industrial buildings, warehouses, extraction of smoke, boilers and ovens, manufacture and treatment of chemical products, tunnels and underground stations.


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Axair Fans UK Limited

Axair Fans UK Limited

Axair Fans offer the most diverse range of fans and accessories from a single source. With over 30 years in the industry Axair has developed a centre of excellence in air movement and withhold the position as the exclusive UK provider of industrial...
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