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The Rointe Belize WiFi electric radiator is an affordable, high-quality electric heater, controlled by an app with advanced functionality called Rointe Connect Lite.

It includes a built-in WiFi module so you can easily control your temperature, costs and energy consumption on the go, any time and from anywhere.

This oil-filled radiator includes 4 preset heating schedules for easy programming and a design that promotes natural air convection for even distribution of heat throughout the room.

The preset heating programs included in the Belize electric radiator means you can quickly choose the program that best suits your heating needs for quicker warmth and comfort. The pre-installed programs are ready for use and already installed in the Belize radiator.

Manufactured from high-purity aluminium, the Belize basic WiFi radiator has a TFT screen with touch control panel, efficiency technology, energy-saving features like Open Windows and filled with high heat transfer thermal oil. This electric heater guarantees the best comfort thanks to its quality materials, technology and WiFi features.

Features and benefits of the Belize radiator:

Seven standard and three short/conservatory sizes available
Standard: 330 W, 550 W, 770 W, 990 W, 1210 W, 1430 W and 1600 W
Short/Conservatory: 1100 W, 1300 W and 1500 W

Flexible control
Compatible with the free Rointe Connect LITE app for control from smartphones, tablets and PCs. Adjust temperatures, lock products remotely, activate and modify 4 preset heating programs, view consumption and cost and change colour of product display screen.

Optimised design
High-purity aluminium body and fireproof side enclosures in PC/ABS with “on top” openings” for optimised natural convection and a sleek design. Touch control TFT screen. 10 years guarantee on body and 2 years on electronics.

Built-in WiFi
The first in the world to include a built-in WiFi module that allows you to connect an entire installation without intermediate gateways. These high power WiFi modules can reach up to 100m without obstacles and Rointe's servers have a reliability of over 99%.

Preset heating programs
Includes 4 heating programs already installed for easier control. Simply select the one that suits your needs and the radiator will automatically keep your heating perfectly programmed. Choose from Everyday Life, Split Shift, Home Life or Office.

Additional accessories:

• Free Rointe Connect LITE app for iOS and Android.
• Rointe radiator wheels

To find out more information on Rointe's range of electric radiators, please visit here.




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Rointe UK

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