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BG-BLACKLABEL is BG-Graspointner UK Ltd's comprehensive range of high-quality decorative grates for trench drains. Their products can meet the highest aesthetic standards and do the hard work.

The intricate contours of the VILLE designer grate immediately catch the eye – a harmonious circular pattern that is at once geometric and organic. The sense of movement is introduced through a flowing design in the RIVER grating. Contours lend both playfulness and symmetry, while maintaining effective, economical function.

CORTEN STEEL: A special steel that develops an attractive orange-red protective patina when exposed to the elements. The patina creates a striking finish while protecting from rust perforation.

Crisp, straight lines define the look of this designer grate. With its smooth surface, this high-quality model works well in simple, elegant settings. Don’t let its good looks deceive you. KIARO is made of high-grade EN GJS 500-7 ductile cast iron. Here, function meets design, including several practical features.

Like the KIARO model, the designer grate VIA has a clean line, and features longitudinal bars suitable for all FILCOTEN® drainage systems. Running length-wise rather than cross-wise, the bars create a path, blending subtly into the environment.

This eye-catching honeycomb design will raise the style level of any setting. Part of the BLACKLABEL line, and synonymous with technological excellence, the COMBee is made of PA6 polyamide.

Elegance is often associated with a minimalist approach. This attractive slotted grate, PIAZZA, blends seamlessly into any environment, while maintaining a hard-working function. This massive, nearly closed slotted grate makes a bold impression as a design element, highlighting its top-quality production material. Made of EN GJS 500-7 ductile cast iron, it is durable, stable, extremely efficient and suitable for all FILCOTEN® drainage systems.

High quality meets subtle design. The SLOT TOP solutions made of stainless or galvanized steel have a lasting impression. Performance matches looks in this elegant, robust grating. The high-quality slot top offers technical refinement, with a heel-proof dual-slot design and delivers excellent drainage performance.


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BG-Graspointner UK Ltd

BG-Graspointner UK Ltd

A global champion with a family tradition.

Friedrich Graspointner sen. founded the family-run Graspointner concrete plant in Oberwang, Austria, in 1963. Much has changed since then: the small manufacturer of concrete products for the local...
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