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Deckshield™ car park protection systems have been designed to help enhance visual appearance, improve light reflectivity, reduce noise from tyre squeal and prevent water ingress into the concrete structure.

Deckshield™ has a highly accredited fire rating and is available in a wide-range of attractive colours and finishes.

Deckshield™ is a solvent-free, tough, flexible membrane suitable for concrete or asphalt substrates. Anti-slip finishes are incorporated as required. Variations of Deckshield™ include:

  • Deckshield™ ED: for exposed roof decks, internal decks and stadia
  • Deckshield™ ID: for intermediate decks
  • Deckshield™ HD: for ramps and turning circles
  • Deckshield™ Rapide: fast track decking for projects with tight timescales.

Deckshield™ is applied by a worldwide network of licensed contractors. Site surveys and specifications are professionally completed by Flowcrete’s technical engineers.

Clean regularly using a single- or double-headed rotary scrubber-dryer in conjunction with a mildly alkaline detergent.


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Flowcrete UK

Flowcrete UK

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