Car Parking System: Mapefloor

Mapei (UK)

Mapefloor Car Parking System comprises a number of components specially formulated to guarantee optimum performance of the system. The system below for internal decks and external decks conforms to German Standards Class OS 13 and OS11/a respectively.

• Primer SN
• Mapefloor PU 400 (external decks only)
• Mapefloor PU 410
• Mapefloor Finish 55
• Mapecolor Paste
• Quartz 0.5
• Quartz 0.25

Mapefloor PU400 and Mapefloor PU410 are two-component, self levelling, neutral-coloured, polyurethane binders with fillers. Both products offer flexibility, with Mapefloor PU400 having highly flexible qualities.

Mapefloor Finish 55 is a two-component, aliphatic, highly flexible polyurethane finish, resistant to wear and UV rays.

The Elastocolor range offers a complete system of elastomeric acrylic resin-based products suitable for use on concrete, reinforced surfaces and general cementitious substrates prone to cracking and damage, ideal for use in civil engineering, industrial and commercial environments.

Elastocolor Paint is a highly protective and decorative elastic paint with great flexibility and long lasting elasticity. Elastocolor Rasante and Elastocolor Rasante SF are intermediate filling coats for the Elastocolor cycle. Whilst Elastocolor Rasante is a fibre-reinforced elastomeric coating offering high elasticity and is free of cements, Elastocolor Rasante SF is a ready-to-use, high thickness, fibre-reinforced, elastomeric coating with good elasticity and high filling properties. To complete the system, Elastocolor Waterproof is an acrylic paint perfect for use where the substrate needs to be covered with a flexible protective coating due to direct contact with water.


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Mapei (UK)

Mapei (UK)

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