CDR, Brussels

CDR, Brussels

Client: Centre for Developing Regions, Brussels.
Type of works: Installation of an AMX Modero touch-panel control system.

The installation of an AMX Modero intuitive touch-panel control system in the Centre for Developing Regions (CDR), enables speakers to effortlessly control presentation equipment, translation systems, cameras and recording equipment, in addition to the interior environment and communicate effectively with delegates in up to eight other meeting rooms instantaneously.

With an easy-to-follow 7.5 inch, icon-based graphical user interface, the simplicity of the Modero touch panels ensures that the unit can be operated with the minimum of instruction. Intelligent programming of the touch panels means that the control options for all devices use a consistent layout and icon imagery, avoiding the requirement for users to negotiate different control units.

This advanced technology allows separate areas to be linked together, with the audience in selected rooms able to contribute to discussions through a comprehensive network of cameras and recording equipment, with the audience in other rooms able to watch and listen. Furthermore, the inclusion of a Modero ViewPoint (MVP) touch panel in a separate operations area, ensures a qualified controller can oversee events, stepping in and taking control in the event of the speaker requiring additional help.

The AMX system controls up to six cameras on a pan and tilt-swivel mount, audio selection and amplification, and audio-conference system, video recorder, CD and cassette player in each of the meeting rooms. The MVP touch panel also allows delegates to control other features such as lighting and blinds.

The eight rooms, plus a video-conferencing suite, are each equipped with a Netlinx NI-4000 controller, a 7.5 inch MVP-7500 touch panel and an NXT-TPI/4 touch panel interface. the translation is performed by professional translators, whose voices are directed to the operations room through a minimum of 64 channels. The AMX system allows the selection of any of these 64 channels and routes the signal to any of the recording devices in the operations room, when the translation and audio-conference system allows the delegates to select their language.

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