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Cells™ stairs, an exclusive innovation by EeStairs, combine art and geometry in an elegant and unexpected way. The organic open weave design of Cells™ steel balustrades are derived from computer-generated Voroni tessellations, which form a flowing ‘weave’ of laser-cut steel cells.

As a result, no two Cells™ balustrades are the same, guaranteeing that every Cells™ staircase is unique. And the balustrades form a strong integrated structure with stringers, treads, or floor edges.

1 — Cells™ balustrades can be straight, curved, spiral, elliptical, or asymmetrically radiused.
2 — Cells™ balustrades create a stylish and artistic effect.
3 — The pattern of each Cells™ balustrade is individually unique.

Cells™ stairs can be customised in the same way as EeStairs customises more familiar stair types. The cellular balustrades can be seamlessly and securely attached to steel stringers, or directly to metal or wood stair treads or floor edges.

The steel balustrades can have irregularly shaped polygonal cells or irregular bubble patterns, and they can be factory-painted in any RAL colour, or given different patination treatments. Designers can also specify the size of the cells – for example, smaller cells at the base of the balustrade which rise to more open cells, or a random array of small and medium sized cells to create a more monumental balustrade.

Cells™ stairs can also be designed and made as a ‘double act’ with a glass, wood or solid metal balustrade on one side of the treads, and a Cells™ balustrade on the other.

Because Cells™ balustrades are made of steel, designers can specify tighter radiuses on the stringers without compromising the strength of the stair structure as a whole.


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EeStairs make feature stairs of exceptional beauty, precision and structural integrity in Europe, North America and Asia, for the most discerning clients across the retail, commercial, public and private sectors.

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