Cistermiser's hygienic, water-saving IR taps

Cistermiser's hygienic, water-saving IR taps

Novatap and Novaspout are two vital components of the IR (Infrared) range of products developed by Cistermiser, the Reading based water management specialists. Both are designed for the ‘hands free’ delivery of water to a standard wash basin, providing a set flow rate that lasts only as long as required, with the supply cut off two seconds after the user moves out of range of the sensor. The water savings generated by the system are impressive and these, combined with the high degree of hygiene implicit in automatic supply, make these products a most attractive proposition for situations such as hospitals, schools, sports centres and public washing facilities of all types. Unlike many automatic systems, Novatap and Novaspout are programmed to comply fully with the Water Regulations stipulating a maximum, non-aerated, flow of 3.6 litres per minute where a basin plug is not being used. Water through aerated nozzels feel softer. Laminar will give a crystal clear stream of water. The benefit of laminar is that because it is not aerated the risk of Legionella and other water carried respiratory contracted viruses/bacteria is reduced.

The Novatap is a robust but pleasantly styled, deck mounted, chrome plated single tap with the infrared activating sensor at the base of the upright and it has a two-rod fixing that makes installation simple and vandalism difficult. Designed for automatic supply from a wall panel mounting the Novaspout, in stainless steel, is of good appearance yet is practical and also vandal resistant. To prevent the build up of stagnant water that can trigger the growth of Legionella and other bacteria, both products have a hygiene rinse facility that operates 12 hours after the last use. The intensity of this flush can be programmed to suit the length of pipe run in the system.

In these days when metered water becomes an ever more expensive commodity, the water saving claimed for these Cistermiser IR products are extremely significant. The flow rate for a traditional hand basin is calculated at 8 litres per minute so, taking a fairly normal public situation where a tap is used by 50 people per day for five minutes each on 260 days per year, this means a usage of 520,000 litres. Based on these figures and using one of the IR taps, a 5 litres per minute flow means a saving of 195,000 litres of water per year and a 3.5 litres per minute flow gives a massive reduction of 292,000 litres. This means savings of around £450 and £675 respectively per tap per year. Just think of a public washroom with five basins in frequent use and the figures are staggering!

While water saving and hygiene are the principle advantages of the Novatap and Novaspout, ‘hands free’ water supply is also highly convenient and trouble free and the IR system could prove very popular in situations such as care homes where elderly or less able users may find a conventional tap difficult to operate. Taking all these factors into consideration Cistermiser’s IR Range of products can benefit the user, the eco-conscious installer and especially the person who pays the bills.

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