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All Lignacite's products are Kitemarked as conforming to BS EN 771-3 Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units. They comply with category 1 Masonry Units and are manufactured under a quality assurance scheme assessed and certified to BS EN 9001:2000 by the British Standards Institute.

Lignacite's range of commodity blocks includes:

Lignacite concrete blocks comprise a range of medium density loadbearing units, used in internal or external walls. Lignacite blocks contribute to sound environmental practices as they contain graded wood particles, a selected waste wood product as an alternative aggregate. They also provide exceptional sound reduction qualities and have the robustness of a dense block while still providing the benefits associated with a medium density block.

Lignacite blocks are manufactured from cement, sand and unique lightweight aggregates. Lignacite contains up to 48% recycled aggregates by volume.

Fibo Blocks
Fibo is an excellent light weight house builder block.

The block is manufactured from expanded clay lightweight aggregate, and contains up to 24% recycled aggregates by volume.

Produced in solid form, Fibo blocks are extremely light, grey in colour and have an open textured finish. They have an excellent thermal resistance value and as such are frequently used in housing projects. The faces of the Fibo block provide the ideal key for plastering.

Lignacite Ashlite concrete blocks comprise a range of medium dense, load bearing units, used in internal or external walls. Ashlite is a light weight, robust and durable block ideal for plastering and flooring. The blocks are manufactured from cement, sand, ash and other lightweight aggregates, and contains up to 100% recycled aggregates by volume and is compliant with the BREEAM standard.

Ashlite blocks are dark grey in colour with a granular surface texture.

Standard Lintels
Lignacite reinforced beam lintels are available in both Lignacite and Lignacrete, for use where a rendered or plastered finish is specified.

Facing masonry beam lintels are also available in the full range of standard colours.

Lignacrete concrete blocks comprise a range of dense, high strength, loadbearing units. Lignacrete is a robust and durable block that provides a good background for fixing, and that has excellent acoustic properties and thermal capacity.

Lignacrete blocks are used in internal or external walls and manufactured from cement, sand and dense aggregates, and contains up to 20% recycled aggregates by volume.

Lignacrete blocks are medium grey in colour, with a granular surface texture. The blocks are available in all our standard sizes and forms.

A versatile lightweight aggregate for use in housing, extensions and other buildings.

Houseblock 1100 contains up to 85% recycled aggregates by volume.

Houseblock 1100 lightweight aggregate concrete blocks are robust and durable and suitable for a range of walling applications. This includes the inner leaf of cavity walls when used with cavity insulation and partition walls.

Houseblock 1100 can also be used externally where rendering or a cladding is to be applied to the wall.

Carbon Buster
Lignacite has evolved their original Lignacite mix to include C8Agg® material which has produced the first genuinely carbon negative block on the market.

C8Agg® is manufactured using a patented and E.A. approved process that treats and recycles industrial waste to produce an inert Carbon Negative Aggregate.

Coursing Blocks
Coursing Blocks are available for use in bonding and infill to ensure that a uniform thermal performance is achieved throughout the wall. Their use will save time and money by reducing the need for on-site cutting of full sized blocks, reduce waste and improve productivity. Compared to conventional brick size coursing units, Coursing Blocks are larger, meaning fewer units need to be laid and less mortar is used.




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