Commulite delivers A Net Carbon Zero solution that won’t cost the earth [BLOG]

Commulite delivers A Net Carbon Zero solution that won’t cost the earth [BLOG]

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I watched Seaspiracy last night, a documentary on the fishing industry on Netflix, and I’m not sure I can eat fish ever again. Well not unless I can be sure it’s been caught ethically and sustainably… which probably means me spending days with a fishing rod one on one with the fish. And even then, I don’t know how much toxic waste the fish is carrying. It really is disturbing what we are doing to the planet and our natural resources.

So why am I mentioning this here?

It threw up a lot of questions around trust and how we can be sure we are doing the right thing. There was the suggestion that there are no guarantees that what you believe to be sustainable actually is. Officials are bribed, things are unseen and unchecked, and it seems that where money and big business is involved corruption is inevitable.

The construction industry is known to be largely driven by cost and we have all seen what happened when cheaper cladding was used on Grenfell Tower. The choice of materials and systems affects not just the sustainability of the planet but also the lives of the residents, and we can no longer blame someone else. We are all responsible.

So it seems the solution is to find systems which are both cost efficient, good for the environment and the best safety solution for your residents.

Tall order?

Actually no, it's very doable. In fact, Commulite has developed a lighting system which is net carbon zero when paired with solar PV and a Tesla battery.

Their lighting is remotely programmable to alter the light levels, making sure there are never any dark corners or stairwells whilst still minimising energy use and emissions.

Up front, it’s not the cheapest system on the market, but that said, it actually beats the nearest competitors on investment payback time, typically under 3 years, with no maintenance associated costs and energy savings of up to 75%.

Buying Commulite means buying British made quality. The system is certified Made in Britain, so there are none of the emissions associated with transportation from overseas.

Commulite are committed to making their business carbon neutral, and as part of that commitment, they partner with Just One Tree to plant a tree for every Commulite luminaire you install.

All Commulite components are trackable and recyclable, at the end of their use they are collected and recycled, free of charge to the customer, via Lumicom.

The company also collects and recycles the old fittings that are taken out, eliminating waste removal issues for the customer and saving them from landfill.

John Bishop, Director at Commulite, comments: “We have worked in the social housing sector for over 30 years and we understand the pressures faced by social landlords. We are here to support our customers, offering expertise and systems to address the challenges they face in terms of sustainability, managing budgets and the safety of residents.

There has to be a balance, we understand that we can not afford to compromise on the environment, but at the same time budgets need to be managed and safety of residents is paramount, especially given the recent events.

For more information on Commulite’s commitment to sustainability, and to find out how you can reduce your emissions as well as your costs please visit here.

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