Computer-controlled infrared (CCIR) space heaters

Ambion Heating

Conventional heating systems using convection heat and thermostats are yesterday’s technology. Instead, CCIR uses infrared and algorithms to provide a simple-to-use and highly efficient system. This results in an average 60% energy saving compared with conventional systems.

Here’s how it works:

• Residents use a single, user-friendly Control Panel to set target temperatures across the system, room-by-room and in individual time slots.
• Infrared panels heat the walls and furniture within a room (rather than the air as in conventional heating systems). This uses less energy as conventional systems waste energy on escaping hot air.
• Ambion’s technology uses computers and algorithms to control the system, rather than thermostats as in conventional systems. CCIR uses sensors on the heating panels to monitor the constantly-changing home environment on a second-by-second basis, and adjusts its energy phasing routine accordingly to maintain the target temperature with minimum energy use.
• The system is at its most efficient when it runs 24 hours a day, so it’s always on.

Infrared heaters

• Available in 820W or 430W
• Fully programmable control panel - temperature and timing by individual heater or zone
• Sensor and micro-processor in every heating panel
• Works with solar and PV
• Clothes-dryer functionality
• Compact design
• No moving parts, so no servicing or maintenance
• Low energy - CCIR limits the amount of power used in any one ring main to 3.2kW
• Collects all operational data for use by housing provider and occupants


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Ambion Heating

Ambion Heating

Ambion Heating is focused on the decarbonisation of heat in the home and office through its computer-controlled infrared (CCIR) space heating technology. It helps properties achieve sustainability standards in the new-build and refurb markets where...
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