Co-ordinated Street Furniture Ranges

Artform Urban Furniture

Metro 40 Range
Rest Seat
This stunningly simple bench employs the mobius ribbon frame in a flowing form to create a singular bench in backed and backless versions. Optional arms are available on benches with backs. Optional intermediate seat dividers/skateboard deterrents are available on backed and backless versions.

Collect Litter Bin
Collect litter receptacles and a companion recycling units share a distinctive profile and provide basic function with surprising flair. Collect mini bin answers the need for a smaller footprint while Collect litters address higher-capacity requirements.

Stop Bollard
Part of the Metro 40 range, Stop is a handsome bollard designed to provide traffic control. The beveled-edge cast aluminium tapered sleeve provides crisp cover for an internal structural steel post. Optional wired LED lighting sits discreetly atop the post and reflects softly from the underside of the sleeve.

Hi-Glo Pedestrian and Pathway Lighting
The Hi-Glo pedestrian light offers an elevated design vocabulary. LED cartridge technology delivers energy efficiency, high performance, longevity and economy. Innovations in light colour and reduced light pollution support the circadian cycle and human health.

Lo-Glo Illuminated Bollard
Lo-Glo LED lights elevate the design vocabulary for pedestrian and pathway lighting and chart new territory in lighting technology. A vertical frame rises from the light base, twists gracefully on its axis to form a shade and then flattens again as it makes its trajectory to the ground.

Connect Shelter
This transit shelter plays a starring role. Its elegant mobius frame creates a continuous, flowing outline for the light and airyglass-roofed and glass-sided structure. Optional glass panels for back and front address specific site requirements and climate conditions.

Connect rail
Used with Connect shelter or alone where space is at a premium, sitting and leaning rails provide a ‘waiting room’ amenity with minimal footprint.

MultipliCITY Range
The MultipliCITY is solid and grounded, interactive and user-focused. The cast aluminium bench with wood seat is offered in straight and mitered versions that enable virtually limitless configurations. The backed and backless versions are available.

The generous MultipliCITY dining height table echoes the sculptural convex form of the bench frame, with variations in angle and thickness to provide stability. The table is substantial in scale, with generous wood boards that offer a familiar softness to the touch.

Path light
The MutipliCITY LED path light features robust verticals end in winged forms. Energy-saving LED path lights are offered in solar or powered versions. The solar light provides an ambient glow for way finding. Powered lights can be specified with type 4 or type 5 light distribution to provide desired light patterns and illuminance, achieved by variations in the number and placement of LED arrays within the luminaire.

Litter Bin
The MutipliCITY litter bin shares a visual vocabulary with the path light in which robust verticals end in graceful winged forms. The unusually graceful litter bin is offered in single and double versions.

Cycle Stand

The MultipliCITY bike rack shares the subtle convex frame language of the benches and table. Manufactured of a single aluminium casting, it has unique ergonomic features. The bike rack is standing height and includes a handy wood shelf on top that provides a place for phone or keys while the bike is being secured. A horizontal bar between the top and bottom of the frame offers a place to affix a bike cable and keeps the bike lock from falling to the ground.

Parallel 42 Range

Modular Wood Bench
Parallel 42 is a modular wood bench system that’s much more than a bench. Its three easy pieces provide elegantly simple building blocks for activating social space. Right hand, left hand and wedge modules form simple and complex configurations. Distribute them or cluster them, line them up or branch them out. Parallel 42 provides handsome seating, defines borders and frames spaces around complementary site elements.

Jangir Madaddi Range

Compound Seating
Four separate, simple shapes of beautifully curved, refined forms are designed to fit cohesively together to allow virtually endless possibilities for seating arrangements, indoor or outdoor.

The Compound Collection is manufactured in three contemporary materials, Compound Concrete, Compound Fibreglass and Compound Yacht.

Each collection offers its own individual characteristics for creating a strong, aesthetically pleasing space. These materials cover such a wide range of distinct tones that designers can develop the mood of their space with ease.


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