CS Wallglaze®: Internal wall finishes, hygienic

Construction Specialties (UK)

The CS Wallglaze® range of wall and ceiling anti-microbial coatings will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on their surface throughout their long design life and even after rigorous and regular cleaning. They are also resistant to a wide range of chemicals and highly durable.

The range includes:

CS Wallsheen: water-based system suitable for general use in corridors, reception and storage areas and hospital wards.

CS Wallflex: a versatile solvent-free hygienic coating, offering high chemical resistance and suitable for use in operating theatres, category 2 and 3 laboratories, kitchens, bathrooms, food and pharmaceutical processing areas and swimming pool halls. It can be decontaminated from radioactivity.

CS Armourglaze: high-performance polyurethane coating used in areas that require high chemical resistance. The system will withstand rigorous cleaning with fumigants, peroxides and other noxious chemical cleaners. It also acts as a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating.

CS Wallglaze coatings are available in a range of colour options including BS, RAL and NCS colours.


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Construction Specialties (UK)

Construction Specialties (UK)

Construction Specialties (CS) is a global manufacturer of quality specialist building products for a wide range of market sectors.

Product portfolio includes: wall protection systems, impact resistant doorsets, entrance matting,...
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