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New Vision Health was created in response to demand from clients in the healthcare industry for better signage and display products for environments caring for those living with dementia.

Digital Fish Tanks
New Vision's digital aquarium is an artificial fish tank – a digital screen that recreates the look and sounds of a fish tank for hospitals and care homes. It offers the therapeutic properties of a regular fish tank, without any of the maintenance. The virtual fish tank is pre-loaded with over 9 hours of video which is suitable even for those areas where people spend long periods of time.

Retro TVs
A 1950s style TV display is just that – a digital screen with a retro surround, designed to look like the post-war TVs that the older generation will remember. The LCD display is pre-loaded with dementia friendly DVDs from Memory Bank.

Memory Boxes
Dementia memory boxes are boxes that contain an item or items that are meaningful in some way to a person or environment. This may be a treasured personal item, or an object that someone with dementia can associate with their past. It not only offers reassurance but can be useful for locating their own space.

Reversible Mirrors
Mirrors form part of our everyday life but for some with dementia, the reflections can be frightening because they don’t recognise the person they see as themselves. Simply taking all mirrors away isn’t helpful because each person has different needs. A reversible mirror – a mirror on one side and an image on the other – is the perfect solution as it can be easily displayed on the most appropriate side.

Reminisce Rooms
A reminisce room is a place where someone living with dementia can really experience a feeling of nostalgia as they are surrounded by an environment that feels homely and reassuring. We offer several items that can make up a reminisce room such as hospital-appropriate retro wall coverings, false windows and false fireplaces.

False Windows
A false window mounted to the wall creates a feeling of the outdoors. Because you can easily slide image panels behind the window frame, these can change as often as you like. These can be used as part of a reminisce room or to make a room without windows feel more homely. The image panels can be used to indicate the passing of the seasons.

False Fireplaces
A fireplace can transform an otherwise clinical-looking hospital room into something much more welcoming, homely and familiar. For those living with dementia, this feeling of familiarity can be a great comfort. These can be used as part of a reminisce room and the image panel reverses to show either a lit fire or burnt out embers.


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New Vision Signs & Graphics Limited

New Vision Signs & Graphics Limited

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