DMS - Digital Messaging Service

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DMS - Emergency alerts direct to your mobile

Digital Messaging Service (DMS) is a mass notification system that can send emergency text, email, Whatsapp or voice messages to an unlimited amount of users who are subscribed to the service.

DMS is ideal as a building management tool as it notifies you about changes happening on your premises, even when you aren’t there.

Pre-alarm notifications

Be alerted to the fire alarm before it activates around the whole building. Investigate whether there’s a real fire or if it’s a false alarm and take necessary action. Evacuate and disperse aid.

Perfect for scenarios that could be considered high-risk for terrorist activity. Everyone will be alerted to leave the building and go in separate directions, rather than gather in one meeting place. Once the premise is safe, DMS will notify people that they can return.

Trigger warnings for different systems

Get notified about changes to the systems in your building. This can range from fire alarms, burglar alarms or even temperature changes to equipment. Have peace of mind that your building is safe when you are not there.

DMS can help many different businesses and offers endless possibilities for what you can be alerted to.


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Fireco Ltd

Fireco Ltd

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