Drainage Outlets


Wallbarn offer a range of roof outlets and drain connectors to ensure complete waterproof integrity around drainage holes on roofs and podium decks. Also available are vents to aerate water vapour from the slab.

The junction between drain pipes and the holes cast into the slab are the areas most susceptible to water ingress, since the maximum amount of water run-off is coming into contact with them. Therefore, it is essential that the deck structure is completely sealed around and into these details, to prevent leakage.

Wallbarn have a number of different products to cater for the drainage and aeration requirements for a waterproofed concrete deck:

• Drain connectors for circular downpipes - cast in the middle of the concrete deck
• Corner fittings - for holes on the junction of horizontal and parapet wall
• Collars - to fit around pipework which is emitting from the deck
• Vents and aerators - which draw vapour out of the concrete
• Accessories - including leaf guards, corner patches and extensions

Drain connectors are essential on a flat roof or podium deck as the rainwater run-off needs to be managed in some way. Obviously the more drainage outlets cast into the deck, the less risk of ponding during a deluge. However watertight the deck itself is, if these drainage holes are not also watertight, there is a large risk of moisture seeping into the fabric of the building, causing long-term damage to the structure and its content.

It is vital, therefore, to ensure that something strong, flexible and fully bonded is secured
seemlessly as part of the waterproofing seal. It must also enter the drainage hole, connect to and overlap the actual HDPE pipe within that hole.

Wallbarn outlets and vents are manufactured in rubber and TPE, so offer a more flexible, lightweight and cost effective alternative to the heavy stainless steel outlets on the market.

Wallbarn connectors, outlets and collars are available in a variety of materials including TPE (a polypropylene/EPDM compound), EPDM and PVC.

Wallbarn recommends that outlets are installed at least every 25-30m2 on a roof deck or balcony.


Availability<1 week
MaterialsAvailable in a variety of materials including TPE (a polypropylene/EPDM compound), EPDM and PVC
ColoursBlack, White
NBS clausesR10, J40, J41, J42


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