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Pressure Coolers

Under sink chillers from Pressure Coolers are compact cooling units designed to fit into a small enclosed space such as underneath a sink in a kitchen area. They are an excellent solution where space is at a premium, but the users still require chilled and filtered water on demand.

Functionally these chillers are the same as a floor-standing water cooler but they do not occupy any floor space. The company supplies units from the Maestro range as well as Clover, Oasis and Crystal Mountain machines.

Cold-water output varies from 5 to 66 litres per hour. The company’s own engineers are available for installations throughout the UK. Water is normally drawn off from a swan-neck glass filler, located close to the chiller on a sink or similar so the machine itself does not need a drainage connection. The internal tank inside the chiller is sealed to give good cooling capacity and prevent bacterial growth.


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Pressure Coolers

Pressure Coolers

Pressure Coolers Ltd is a specialist supplier of drinking water systems. It was previously known as Watercoolers Ltd, and started supplying watercoolers to the UK market in 1963. The company moved to Crayford in 1999 and since 2008 has been located in...
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