Drylock Technologies chooses RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart for its new plant

Drylock Technologies chooses RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart for its new plant

Drylock Technologies, a family-run multinational company producing personal hygiene products, has chosen RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart, in the F version for mechanical fastening, to cover the 8 thousand square meters of the roof of its new factory in the artisanal area of Segovia, Spain, a UNESCO world heritage city. A choice in the name of sustainability and reduction of the environmental impact.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart is a flexible PVC-P membrane, equipped with Solar Shield technology, a special coating that protects the external surface of the membrane from UV rays, thus increasing its durability. An innovative, efficient and sustainable solution: the product contributes to the sustainability certifications for buildings such as LEED, BREEAM, and VERDE.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart, being only 1.2 mm thick, is much more sustainable than any other synthetic membrane, because of its positive relationship between the resources used and the yield provided throughout its life. At the end of its cycle, it can be completely recycled.

The meeting between Drylock Technologies and RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products is not a coincidence, it is a mutual recognition of two different sectors searching for a common path towards sustainability.

Drylock Technologies has been sensitive to environmental issues since its foundation in 2012. Attentive to safety at work, the well-being of its collaborators, and that of customers, in a few years, Drylock has introduced on the diaper market two fundamental absorption technologies that have carried forward the agenda of sustainable development, challenging common thinking and helping the consumer to make more environmentally friendly choices.

These are the same values shared by RENOLIT ALKORPLAN in the field of roofing, meaning that today the company, also multinational and family-owned, operates actively in nine objectives as presented by the UN 2030 Agenda.

There is a certain similarity between the choices made by RENOLIT ALKORPLAN and Drylock - explains the CEO of Drylock Technologies for Spain and Portugal, Miguel González -. “I think that as companies we have to work out our strategies according to what we want to be and the vision we want people to have of us. Sometimes one wonders how some companies have that 'extra' that makes them stand out from others: I think this is one of those areas.”

Product of excellence, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Smart has launched the Smart3 campaign, i.e. the planting of a tree for every 3 rolls of membrane used. Thus, 64 trees were planted for Drylock and 25,393 kg of CO2 were saved. The CEO of Drylock Technologies has received a special certificate and will also be able to follow the fate of the trees planted at www.renolit.com/roofing/smart3.

It is possible to follow each Smart3 tree planted as it is geolocated and photographed. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN partner Treedom is in fact the only website that allows people and companies to plant trees remotely and follow them online, directly financing local farmers around the world.

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