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Dural (UK)

Dural provides a variety of matting systems for drainage, insulation and sealing. These make it easier to install floors of all kinds, even on difficult surfaces like old creed or wood, and they also protect the new floor covering from moisture seeping from below as well as preventing stretching or cracks. The advantages are obvious: greater robustness and durability, not only in homes but also where floors have to take plenty of punishment in commercial situations.

DURABASE CI++ matting in conjunction with tiles serves to decouple the tiles and bridge any cracks. It also allows water vapour pressure to be compensated for if there is residual moisture.

DURABASE CI++ decouples the flooring from the foundations. Any small cracks can also be bridged so that they do not affect the tiling. This makes it ideal for renovation work. At mat joints we recommend the use of WPF sealing tape.

DURABASE CI++ mats are made of yellow polythene with a grid of texturing nodules and a supporting polypropylene fleece layer on the back. This combination means the matting is resistant to most chemicals (e.g. salts, acids, alkalis, solvents and oils, although when the locations are seriously at risk from chemicals, it is recommended that a professional assessment be made for the use of the mats). For specific peculiarties depending on the situations, it is recommended that a professional assessment be made for the use of the mats with regard to the expected concentrations, temperatures and durations of exposure.

Due to the structure of the matting (nodules) channels are created, which also act to equalise water vapour pressures. With DURABASE CI++ the distribution of weight is handled by the texturing, which is filled in by thin-bed mortar. This means that loads can be spread out over the floor so that the tiles can withstand more stress if their thickness is sufficient. In very busy and highly stressed areas, the thickness of the tiles and their resistance to pressure needs to be selected appropriately for the location (at least 13 mm thick or more depending on the application, for Germany see the ZDB data sheet “Ceramic flooring subject to severe mechanical stresses”).


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Dural (UK)

Dural (UK)

Dural specialises in providing the perfect finish for all types of flooring. Since 1981, the company has been developing and manufacturing profiles and skirting. They are continually updating our range of products and inventing new and better...
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