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Reinforced Solutions for building success. Includes, solutions for embankments, walls and slopes and bridging of sinkholes.


Stabilenka provides high-quality, water-permeable woven for soil reinforcement.

Stabilenka is woven with polyester and polyamide or polyester. The use of high-modulus polyester multifilament yarn allows Stabilenka to mobilise high tensile forces at low strains.

Stabilenka is manufactured in ten standard versions with maximum tensile strengths up to 1000 kN/m in the main loading direction.


Robutec is an extremely high-modulus, low-creep, alkali-resistant reinforcement product that is used to reinforce soils. Ideal for example, where the adjacent soils exhibit very high or low pH values.


A key component in the innovative Geotextile Encased Column (GEC) system is the Ringtrac geotextile sleeve.

This casing is used to enclose non-cohesive material placed in a uniform arrangement of columns.

Then, outwardly directed radial horizontal stresses in the columns are counteracted by the radial resistance of the geotextile casing, ideal for soft soils.

Ringtrac columns also act as filtration-stable mega drains, which speed up the settlement and consolidation process.

Fortrac Natur S

The GRS Fortrac Natur S retaining wall system blends perfectly with its setting. It caters for a wide variety of applications, including slope stabilisation, vegetated bridge abutments and earth pressure relief.

The system components include Fortrac geogrids as the reinforcing element, preformed steel mesh angles as lost formwork together with a vegetation and/or erosion control mat.

Used for constructions with heights upwards of 1.5 m and batters between 45° and 90°. It is possible to plant the external skin on slopes of up to 70°.

Fortrac Natur

The GRS Fortrac Natur retaining wall system, features geogrid plus wash-out protection layer or - for slope gradients below 45° - geogrids plus surface erosion protection.

Unlike GRS Fortrac Natur S, the system takes the form of a wrap-around construction built using temporary formwork.

It is suitable for wall heights between 1.50 m and 20 m. As with the GRS Fortrac Natur S system, and it is possible to plant the external skin up to 70°.

GRS Muralex

GRS Muralex is a double-skin retaining system comprising a retaining element reinforced with Fortrac geogrids and an attached, stone-filled front facing.

It is used to build steep, hard faced retaining structures or for applications that require longer waiting times for consolidation settlement prior to installation of the front facing.

The system's front face features a steel mesh that is protected against corrosion by a special zinc coating.


Comtrac is manufactured from synthetic fibre with low creep and strain properties.

Longitudinal and transverse strands of the raw material are carried over each other and integrally joined at the intersection.


The flexible, high-strength Fortrac geogrid boasts a 20-year-plus track record in soil reinforcement applications.

The geogrids are made from high-modulus, low-creep synthetic materials enclosed in a protective polymer coating.


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