ECT Evaporative CloudCoolers


Designed for use in data centres and power-hungry IT environments, the industry-leading CloudCooler evaporative cooling range is a compact and low-cost solution. The units combine evaporative cooling, control and filtration and free cooling in a single box solution. This approach enables you to achieve ASHRAE Class 1 environmental compliance from just one unit.

Built for internal installation, they come with multiple configuration options that allow air to be supplied either directly through ductwork or raised floors to suit the layout of your facility.

The unit comes fully equipped with a control system, supply fan, cooling system and dampers, offering you a complete solution. For complete peace of mind, a sophisticated leak detection and alarm system is incorporated as standard.

Humidification controls can be fitted as an optional extra to avoid low relative humidity non-compliance if required. Also, with the inbuilt CREC control system, if the fresh air being brought inside is too cold, hot recirculated air is mixed with external air to bring the air to a set temperature determined by you.

Operating modes-

Ventilation mode: Energy-efficient fans move fresh air through the area being cooled and transport heat away (also known as free cooling).

Evaporative cooling mode: The air temperature is reduced as the water evaporates via a cooling pad.

Humidification mode: Eliminates the risk of static caused by low relative humidity in cold, dry conditions.

Key features include:
• Direct free cooling
• Supplementary direct evaporative cooling
• Humidification option
• Inbuilt CREC® control system
• Electronically Commutated fan
• In built EU4 filtration (supply and recirculation)
• Remote commissioning


ECT 10800 cooling unit:
Power supply: 3~ 400V 50Hz
Cooling capacity: 36kW - ΔT of 10°C
Design flow rate: 10,800m3/hr
Dimensions (HxWxD): 2585 x 1304 x 1060 mm
Power usage: Design=0.9kW / Max=3.6kW

ECT 5400 cooling unit:
Power supply: 1~ 240V 50Hz
Cooling capacity: 18kW - ΔT of 10°C
Design flow rate: 5,400m3/hr
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1800 x 1220 x 820mm
Power usage: Design=0.32kW / Max=1.08kW


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