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ECV Free CloudCoolers provide data centres with unrivalled, industry-leading cooling efficiency. The units comprise of fresh air free cooling systems with inbuilt filtration, dampers and controls, without the evaporative cooling element. Using the outside air to cool equipment makes it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system to run, with minimal use of energy required.

The free cooling units are designed for rapid deployment and are widely considered to have to lowest total cost of ownership, compared to other solutions, due to their simple installation and maintenance requirements. Their modular design enables flexibility and provides you with the ability to scale the cooling system in line with the demand of your facility.

The ECV range is particularly suited to cold climates where the temperatures rarely exceed 25oC, however, units can be used with backup AC in areas where temperatures occasionally exceed this.

Key features include:
• Direct free cooling
• Inbuilt CREC® control system
• Energy-efficient inbuilt Electronically Commutated fan
• Inbuilt EU4 filtration (supply and recirculation)
• Remote commissioning
• Modular design

3 CloudCooler Group:
If you’re looking for a free cooling system that is designed for the rapid deployment of HPC equipment, the 3 CloudCooler Group is the ideal solution. Built for this purpose, the Plug & Play module takes the ECV Free CloudCooler and combines it with racking and power distribution. This rapid flatpack solution enables you to benefit from all the efficiencies of the EVC free coolers in a matter of hours from delivery of the unit.


ECV 18000 Cooler:
Power supply: 3~ 400V 50Hz
Cooling capacity: 51kW - ΔT of 10°C
Design flow rate: 18,000m3/hr
Dimensions (h x w x d): 2200 x 1200 x 900 mm
Power usage: Design=3.5kW / Max=4.6kW

3 CloudCooler Group:
Capacity: 250kW / 144 ASICs (typical)
Power supply: 3 x 160A 3~ Power splitters
18 x 32A 3~ PDU to typically support 144 ASIC miners
Design flow rate: 54,000m3/hr (18,000m3/hr x3)
Dimensions (h x w x d): 2300 x 2700 x 3200 mm


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