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TLJ Security Systems's “Intelligent” Energy Savers provides a simple yet effective solution to unnecessary electricity wastage. In order for the lights and electrical appliances to function the guest’s key card must be inserted into the energy saving device. Once inserted the key card completes the electrical circuit thus activating the lights and appliances. Upon removal a time delay of 15 seconds allows the guest to leave the room safely before the lights turn off.

The “Intelligent” Energy Savers can only be operated by the Radio Identification Frequency (RFID) key cards. This eliminates the problem of guests being able to leave business cards or credit cards in the devices while they are out of the room.

Energy savers are often used to control the lighting; however they can also control air conditioning units and electrical appliances such as kettles or televisions.

A qualified electrician is required to install the devices and wire the system to the required appliances.

Standard Energy Savers are also available however they can function with the insertion of any card and are therefore not as popular as the “Intelligent” Energy Savers.

Both the “Intelligent” and Standard Energy Savers are supply only products.


ColoursMirror Chrome, Satin Chrome, Pearl Chrome, Mirror Gold, Satin Gold


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